Moving the metrics, ways to monitor improvements

About the topic:

“There is nothing so useless as doing efficiently that which should not be done at all.” – Peter F. Drucker        It’s not a surprise that many teams have a love-hate relationship with metrics. For some, it’s a pure waste, for others a useful tool. What does it mean to have meaningful metrics in the modern software development world? Is there a valid reason for collecting data and can we successfully manage without it? During this short talk we will look into some common patterns and try to identify the most widespread pitfalls of metrics and see how to derive the most benefit from collected data?


About Joanna:

I have a Masters in Project Management and straight after college I worked in a typical waterfall environment. Although, once introduced to Agile, I immediately fell in love with it. Agile felt right from the beginning.
I am passionate about helping teams grow and improve – to deliver work on the next level and helping organisations by creating sustainable, highly-efficient teams. I also strongly believe in continuous learning and improvement.



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