Keynote Agile Tour Vilnius 2017 Jurgen Appelo

44 My topic: Agility Scales: Shifting Teams in Better Shapes

About the topic: You want to scale agile, but you don’t know how. You like some methods and frameworks, but they don’t fit in your context. You know the organization needs to change, but there is a strong sense of “change resistance”. Scaling Agile to work in large and fast-growing organizations is a hot topic. Some coaches and consultants offer methods and frameworks (SAFe, LeSS, Nexus, Holocracy) but others don’t believe such models can work. Companies such as Spotify publish their own custom approach, but it appears that people try to copy these examples without thinking, and that doesn’t work either. To survive as a company, the organization needs to become a shapeshifter: sometimes hierarchical, sometimes networked; sometimes efficient, sometimes effective; sometimes great at execution, and other times great at innovation. You can only achieve this by motivating people to change continuously. To achieve this, we take a closer look at gamification and habit-forming. Because games and habits are the keys to intrinsic motivation and change. And you need those in your company to become a great shapeshifter!

About me: I was rated #40 management & leadership expert in the world, one of 100 great leadership speakers, and #6 most influential person in Agile; my blog was rated #3 most popular Agile blog in the world; and my books are considered best-sellers. Of course, it’s up to you if you want to believe all that…

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