Leonardo K. Bittencourt

Topic: Beyond Scrum Events

About the topic:Even though Scrum is still the most adopted agile framework in the market, with 75% according the most recent VersionOne research, its rules, roles, events and artifacts are frequently misunderstood.
We commonly apply this framework without understanding the purpose that stands behind each element, losing its main benefits.In this talk, I focus on the Scrum Events, their real purpose, common pitfalls as well as provide hints and propose experiments to optimize the benefits you can get from them.


About Leonardo:
Originally from Brazil, currently I am a Scrum Master & Kanban Practitioner at Equifax Technology in Dublin, Ireland. I am passionate about Software Development where I have been working over the last 11 years developing, leading and facilitating teams.
I have been focused on building high performance teams and delivering value to customers, through Agile/Lean adoption. I believe that an Agile/Lean mind-set is the key transformation agent to create productive working environments as well as products that matter.

Blog: leonardobittencourt.com.br
Twitter: leokbittencourt

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