Swedbank: Implementing Agile in a big bank – mission impossible?

About the topic:

Agile is as everyone knows the new normal in small to medium tech companies. But what about a big bank? Does a big bank need to transform into an agile set-up? And if so, why? Is it possible for a big bank to do the transformation? Or is it a mission impossible?
We have started the agile journey in Swedbank, one of the largest banks in Sweden and the Baltics, The starting point was a very hierarchical and traditional bank. Project based waterfall way of working was heavily rooted in every employee including upper management.
Not only was every investment taken on project basis, there was also an internal buy and sell set-up where the business side ordered from IT what should be developed, as if IT was an external vendor. IT was also merely considered a cost center with the main task to reduce cost.
We haven‘t yet changed everything but we have come quite a bit. We will talk about why it was important for Swedbank to change, how we did it, the key success factors, the biggest challenges, lessons learnt and what is still to be done. 



About speakers:

Nina Hammarström, Head of IT Development at Swedbank is a true agile evangelist with hands on experience from agile transformations not only from the bank but also from the telecom sector.
She has in practice seen and worked with the obstacles of agile in scale but also been responsible of  a very swift and successful agile transformation in her previous role as Head of IT at the mobile operator 3, operating in Sweden and Denmark. 



Pia Bjurfors, Head of Delivery Improvement at Swedbank drives the agile transformation program at Swedbank and is daily basis removing obstacles and paving the way for the new way of working.  She is leading a team of very skilled Agile coaches to help her out.
PiaPia is an engineer with technical background and long experience from the Telecom sector before joining the bank.
She was a key player in the agile transformation at 3. 




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