Stanislava Potupchik

Topic: “A game a day keeps your worries away” 

About the topic:
Serious games are a safe place to explore yourself and your team. During a game you can create a transparent environment where you can take risks and validate assumptions. And then the magic comes and you use the feedback round to transfer your gaming experience into the real life.
During this workshop we will experiment very short games that you can use during the daily scrum, in the beginning of the refinement, closing your retro or just at any appropriate moment during the day. I’ll do my best to give you knowledge and feeling of how it can go and where it can get you. I hope to give a valid trigger to continue playing at your workplace and get value from it.

Eduards About Stani:  Hi, I am Stani. Currently I work as a scrum master at Quby – an innovative company based in Amsterdam, Netherlands, and my passion to help people grow their soft skills using serious games and game-like exercises.
Originally I am from Russia where I worked as a counselor in kids camps (and believe me there is not a big difference to be a scrum master now). I value transparency and openness and I wish we can establish a trustful environment where each person may, can and want to grow.

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