Discovering Scrum Principles

44 About the topic: ‘Because Scrum Guide says so’ is an explanation we often hear from novice Scrum Masters. It sounds scary and definitely will not convince team members, management or customers. However, it is the way many people learn Scrum: they read the Scrum Guide and then they hear to follow Scrum by the book.
Which usually makes sense, as most modifications of Scrum are done to hide problems made visible by Scrum. However, from every Scrum Master, no matter how unexperienced he or she is, I’d expect to be able to answer not just ‘what’ or ‘how’ questions, but, first of all, the ‘why’ questions. In other words I’d assume that they can explain principles behind Scrum Guide and why the things.

Join our session if you want to:
– get better understanding of Scrum and the reasons behind Scrum rules

– be able to explain why it makes sense to have some specific Scrum event, artefact or role
– be able to solve your team’s current problems by looking at Scrum principles

About Tomasz: Tomasz is seasoned Agile Coach and Trainer supporting individuals and organizations all over Europe and in Asia in their quest for Agility, better results and amazing workplace. He’s the first Polish Certified Scrum Trainer one of two-hundred Agile Leaders recognized by Scrum Alliance.

Tomasz holds Master Degree in Automatic and Robotic and has a broad experience in software from different perspectives, including development, quality assurance, project management and Agile coaching. In 2010 he started ProCognita, training and consulting company. His customers varies from small start-ups to large international corporations. Their businesses varies as well, spreading from financial services, through insurances, games to telecommunication.


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