Decomposing distributed monolith with Node.js

About the topic:
Wix transitioned from monolith to microservices around 8 years ago. Or did it? We have hundreds of microservices in production with teams working on separate independent services or groups of services with decoupled deployments and SLAs. Sounds like a microservice architecture, but there is a dark truth to it – single platform (jvm), shared libraries (framework), fat clients (binary dependencies). In industry it is called a distributed monolith. There is no easy way or incentive to get rid of it. But there is a way!
Let me tell you a story on how much fun it was, what path we took and where we are now with getting to a proper polyglot microservice architecture.

John About Vilius:
Guild Master @ Wix with experience in different roles and companies (enterprise, start-up, you name it). No matter how much life/circumstances are pushing me to lead/management roles, I always find ways to come back and keep on hacking.



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