Aidas Pašilis Software Engineering Manager at Intermedix

Aidas Pašilis

Product Development Manager with 14+ years of experience in Development industry.

I have a down-to-earth view of things and am known for ability to deliver against tight timelines and difficulties. I always face challenges head on and, when appropriate, will take full ownership of a problem scope and will see it through. I’m a good communicator and great judge of character who will take time to know and understand people he’s working with, engage them and will ensure everyone is part of a team. These traits of character make me an efficient leader who delivers great results with good quality.

  • Skilled in Team and Line manager of development teams and individuals in a competitive and demanding business environment.
  • Managing/leading product development and improvement work against tight delivery schedules.
  • Defining solution architectures for data driven products.
  • Certified Scrum Master with rich experience in setup, management and improvement of Agile teams and practices
  • Stakeholder management at all levels
  • Great communication skills and ability to present information at appropriate level and language to any target audience (technical, operational, sales, legal and business)
  • Defining and implementing operating models
  • Great problem solving skills with ability to quickly drill down to the core of a problem and find multiple resolution options


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