Justina Juknevičiūtė Lead Test Engineer at Devbridge Group, CSPO

Justina Juknevičiūtė

Justina has been working in an IT sector for more than 10 years which she spent in various roles from the community manager of a mass multiplayer online game, freelancing consultant to leading Quality Assurance efforts for such companies as Bentley Systems, Danske Bank and more recently – Devbridge Group. She dedicates her professional drive and enthusiasm to opportunities which allowed her to be working under different project management strategies, varied project sizes and people from all over the world. She says, that it never stops to be amazing what people can achieve and how much one can learn from it.
When it comes to product quality, Justina is a big believer that building it in is much more than just any kind of testing and strives to make that attitude change in whatever she puts her hands on.

Aside from that she is a bit of geek who loves video and board games, binge watching TV shows and a good book.